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Shaanxi, China

Shanyang County Central Primary School is located in Shanyang County, in one of Shaanxi’s most isolated regions. The school is now experiencing a scarcity of many study resources. As a result, I’m starting this charity initiative to assist them with their present needs, particularly their painting materials. I hope we can all help them and offer them the opportunity to use brushes to paint the lovely world.

I’m establishing this project not only to assist those students, but also to return my love to my hometown in any way I can. The school is about a one-hour-driving distance from the town where I was born. Born on the Loess Plateau, I enjoy the beautiful natural landscape, but I’m also deeply aware of the difficulties that people face, particularly the younger generation.

Apart from the larger cities such as Xi’an, the majority of families in Shaanxi Province face economic hardship. It is quite typical for parents to move to large cities or even the South in search of work, leaving their children in the care of elderly relatives. From an early age, many kids have felt both a longing for their parental love and a restriction to a variety of things that are enjoyed by people from big cities such as electronic devices or entertainment activities.

For me, I consider myself really fortunate to have had the opportunity to move to Shanghai with my family and now study in Boston. I recognize that not all children can pursue their dreams in the way I do.

Given that the majority of this incident occurred in China, I’m going to sell my paintings for charity on my Chinese social media, mostly through Wechat. All funds would be sent to Shanghai Pudong Enpai Charity Foundation, with whom I had made a contract with to guarantee the project’s legality. I’m hoping the total budget to be around 5000 RMB/800 USD, which will be used entirely in buying art supplies. Friends overseas can also reach out to me via this website, email, or social media.


Legal contract I have signed with the school.(Image Above)

I believe that public welfare activities are not intended to donate tangible materials, but to transfer energy and to make positive changes in people’s mindsets.


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